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The pens we make fall into three categories:

The first category is pens made from kits of components where the only parts hand made in our workshop are the wooden or acrylic barrels that form the body of the pen. Almost all of the pens you will see on sale in craft fairs and gift shops are made in this way despite often being marketed as handmade or hand crafted. Do be aware though that not all kits of components are equal. As with so many things in life if someone can make a cheap copy then they will, so we take great care to make sure that all of our kit components are sourced from reputable suppliers and original manufacturers. Our kit based pens may cost a little more than some others but you will not be disappointed by worn and flaking metal plating or failed mechanisms a few months after purchase. Likewise the wood we use is sustainably sourced and the acrylic and other man made materials we use are of the finest quality. Kit built fountain pens may be upgraded with German made Bock nibs and all of our ball point and roller ball pens are equipped with quality refills from Schmidt or Beaufort Ink.

The next category of pens still uses some kit components but additional work is done to modify the design or specialist barrels are produced using segmenting, inlaying or casting techniques. This category includes fountain and roller ball pens with closed ends where the finial from the kit is dispensed with and a wholly wooden or acrylic body is crafted to our own design. Also included are pens with inlaid Celtic knot designs or segmented work and pens with various items cast in clear acrylic ranging from carbon fibre to pheasant feathers. These pens require many hours of skilled work to produce and are truly unique items.

The final category is our bespoke pens. These are made to order entirely by hand in our workshop from raw materials and a few basic but high quality components such as nibs, refills and twist or click mechanisms. Each pen is individually designed and can be made to customer specification.